Peer Support


International Association of Fire Fighters Peer Support

The IAFF Peer Support Training is delivered by IAFF master peer support instructors in two formats: 1) two days in person or 2) three days online.

After completing the training, members have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide support to their peers, have a basic understanding of common behavioral health issues affecting the fire service, can serve as a bridge to community resources or behavioral health treatment when indicated, and are able to build or enhance their peer support programs.

Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters Peer Support

There are around 30 firefighters from all over Ohio who have been trained to help provide mental health and emotional support to fellow firefighters in Ohio.

Active or retired firefighters who may be battling addictions or behavioral health issues can find support and assistance from Peer Support members.

Check out additional information on the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters website, where you can find contact information for a trained Peer Support member in your area.