Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters

Since 1918, members of the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters have been on the frontlines protecting lives and property of citizens across the Buckeye State – just as the OAPFF has been there to protect the interests and health and safety of those first responders.

Fortitude: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment for First Responders

The FORTITUDE program welcomes anyone working in public safety (active or retired) who struggles with substance abuse or co-occurring mental health issues.

Save a Warrior

Save A Warrior believes in challenging conventional thinking. The way they challenge the idea of suicide is so novel and so inspiring, it connects the lives of all who are transformed from sharing in this experience. Since 2012, those who complete Save A Warrior exclaim how their “unique approach to ordinary”… saved their life.

First Responders Bridge

The mission of First Responders’ Bridge is to support all active and retired First Responders and their families, loved ones, or caregivers who are experiencing, or have experienced, any traumatic or life-altering event. The Bridge will promote personal growth and healthy relationships with a multi-faceted approach in a safe and confidential environment.

Psychology on Fire

Psychology Today reviews recommendations to the fire service and to mental health professionals.

Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance

The mission of Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance is to collaborate, develop and implement behavioral health awareness, prevention, intervention, and post crisis strategies to provide firefighters with an easily accessible and confidential source of information.

Dayton Fire Fighters Peer Support

We can all help prevent suicide. The LifeLine provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.

Ohio Assist

Providing Post-Critical Incident Aftercare for Ohio’s Safety Service Personnel

Harbor of Grace

Harbor of Grace’s mission is to provide affordable, compassionate and comprehensive care to individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction through a personalized blend of evidence-based and innovative therapies.

International Association of Fire Fighters

The IAFF Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery is a one-of-a-kind treatment facility specializing in PTSD for professional fire service members who struggle with trauma, substance use, addiction and other related behavioral health challenges. It is a safe haven for members to receive the help they need in taking the first steps toward recovery and share experiences with other members who have faced or overcome similar challenges.

Share the Load Program

Most people are aware of the physical demands that first response activities place on firefighters and EMS providers. But it is important to also realize the impact that fighting fires and responding to emergencies has on the mental wellbeing of emergency personnel. Firefighters and EMS providers face the risk of many behavioral health concerns such as anxiety, depression, burnout, post-traumatic stress disorder, and addiction among others.

First Responders Wellness

First responders face unique work-related experiences that can negatively impact mental health over time. Whether it is a specific critical incident that you can’t stop thinking about or the culmination of chronic stress, mental health support can help.